In-House Nail Training

Nail Training Delivered to Your Salon

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Some Questions to ask as a Salon Owner

  • Is your Salon making its full financial potential in the nail department?
  • Do you have Nail Technicians that could use increase their skills?
  • Are you up-to-date with the latest nail products and nail techniques?
  • Are your Nail Techs 100% perfected according to your clientele?
  • Do you have empty seats in your salon?
  • Is your customer return rate over 90%?
  • Do you need nail techs?
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Time = Money

Time = Money

Ordering supplies for you Salon and having them delivered to your location is a great time saver. What if you could order Nail Training and have it delivered to your Salon?

That’s exactly what our In-House Nail Training service was modeled after. When combined with our Salon Consultation, your will know PRECISELY what Nail Training is necessary to get your Salon BACK ON TRACK!


New Salon Owners typically have limited knowledge of the industry. Here’s what Salon Owners need to know how to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Service
  • Figure Profit Margin
  • Reduce Costs
  • Make MORE MONEY with your Nail Technicians or Cosmetologists
  • Reduce Call-backs
  • and much more

Making the correct adjustment(s) in EACH area can add up to MORE MONEY in your pocket.

Nail Training Delivered

The Solution

Why use our In-House Nail Training?

We will show you how to make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME without compromising quality. These steps actually make your job easier and your clients’ nails last longer!

What You Receive using our In-House Nail Training


  • Custom Perfect Pink and Whites Acrylics, Gels or Gel Polish in 45 minutes
  • The CORRECT Nail Training so your clientele can go 4, 6, 8 weeks without Cracking, Splitting, Peeling, or Chipping a Nail!!
  • Learn the differences, both small and large, between you and your competition!

Additional Info

  • Reduced pricing with our In-House Group Nail Training classes (after Salon Consultation service is completed)
  • Our prices are affordable and we have multiple payment plans available.
  • Our services are extraordinary.
  • Our testimonials from our clients and students are proof they have benefited with their newly discovered, successful skills!

If you’re interested in our In-House Nail Training Classes, prices , times, dates or any other question you might have, click the button below. We are determined to help you, wherever you may need help!!