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What's The Issue?

Nail Salon Issues

The rewards of owning a Salon can definitely be worthwhile if your Salon is functioning at its BEST! So many Salons are NOT. You may not know why your schedule book isn’t full. It’s ok. We are here to help.

If you know your Salon is having issues, which ones apply to yours?

  • Unreliable Staff
  • Unfilled Clientele Scheduling
  • Empty Nail Technician Stations
  • Constant Call-backs for
    • Lifting Nails
    • Splitting Nails
    • Breaking Nails
Unreliable Staff Salon Problem
Low Profit Margin Salon Problem
Constant Call-backs Salon Problem
Lifting Nails Salon Problem
Splitting Nails Salon Problem
Breaking Nails Salon Problem

Salon Evaluation

Time = Money


Salons can only make so much money in its operating hours. Do you know your operating costs and net profits per hour? What’s your goal? Want to MAXIMIZE your Salon’s ability to net profit MORE per hour?

How many employees are profitable for your Salon? Imagine if each employee could DECREASE CLIENT TIME WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY? That would allow your Salon to service more clients per day. Essentially, your Salon is getting more business without spending money on advertising.

We can assist your Salon to INCREASE profit margins all while using your Salon’s operating hours.


As stated earlier, Salons can only make so much money in its operating hours. The health of your Salon depends on net profits and there are several ways to increase it. Fundamentally, your Salon should DECREASE EXPENSES while INCREASING PROFITS.

Now, let’s mention your employees. How well are they bringing in income? Are they working at your business for “just a paycheck” or do they value being part of the mission statement?

Adding new streams of income with HIGH PROFIT MARGINS will help greatly. Your employees must be trained to make it work successfully.

Salon Owner Services We Offer

We have created powerful ways to assist your Salon toward the right path.

Nail Salon Owner

Salon Consultation

Your Salon needs one of our Professional Salon Consultants if it’s experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Unfilled slots in Schedule Book
  • Constant Nail Technician Call-backs
  • Empty Nail Tech stations
  • Low Upsells
  • Small increase of Customers
  • Constant Groupons or similar deals
  • Customer Retention issues
Nail Technician Training

In-House Nail Training

This service is all about hands-on for your Salon’s Nail Techs or Cosmetologists who do nails.

Our In-House Nail Training service is perfect for Salons with:

  • No Standard Nail Training w/ New Hires
  • Constant Nail Technician Call-backs
  • Newly Licensed Nail Technicians
  • Employee Turnover
  • Stolen Clientele
Light Bulb Money Symbol

One-on-One Nail Coaching

When a Nail Technician has any nail issue and no where to go, our One-on-One Nail Coaching sessions are perfect to resolve them.

These Nail Coaching sessions are perfect for any of your Salon’s Nail Technicians needing some general nail help or a specific nail solution.

Choose from our current sessions available using FaceTime app on the iPhone: