30 Minute One-on-One Nail Coaching via iPhone’s FaceTime App

Get your Personal Nail Coach for ANY issues you want help with.

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This is for a One-on-One Nail Coaching session. You get your personal nail coach for 30 minutes. During your session, you can get answers regarding ANYTHING you need help with.

Some possibilities:

Nail Issues, such as Lifting Nails, Splitting Nails, Breaking Nails, etc.
Nail Designs
Time Saving Techniques
and so much more…

To get the most out of this nail coaching session, you should consider getting a friend or family member to be your “Nail Model.” If you will have a “Nail Model,” the nail coach will need to see you doing nails. You can either use a tabletop tripod to hold your phone while in FaceTime or have someone hold your phone.

Remember, we are here to assist you with ANY issues you want help with!

***Note: If you do not see a compatible date and time with your schedule, Contact Us BEFORE you checkout and purchase this service.