Fixing 3 Month Overgrown Acrylic Fills!

On occasion, we all get the client that goes WAY over their scheduled appointment! It can be a disaster and serious challenge to fix. As professionals, we have all been trained using different nail techniques. Some Nail Technicians go by the book, which is fine. Then there are times when we need to think outside the box.

This video may not be the way you would handle these overgrown nails. This is the way I’ve been doing an overgrown nail fill and nail repairs for years and the way I’ve been nail training my Nail Technicians, who’ve NEVER damaged anyone’s nails. We had over 85% customer retention rate in a vacation destination area located in Florida and were all BOOKED SOLID. Even with our prices being one of the highest in town, we grew an awesome reputation as the best Nail Salon around!

I’ve owned a Nail Salon since 1995 and have trained all my Nail Technicians to follow our mission; give great service, restore their nails back to their full potential and most importantly, PROTECT THEIR NATURAL NAIL! NO MATTER what product was being used. As a Salon Owner and working Nail Technician, the challenges I faced were making sure ALL sterilization and sanitation was practiced, training my Nail Technicians to be professional, not to waste product, protecting the clients natural nails, and keeping our clients coming back!

Back to the article.

This technique is the one I use. Let’s be clear; there are many ways to achieve the same end result. With this technique, I made $35 in 45 minutes vs. $35 in 2 hours if I had soaked the nails. I use the same steps for my 2 week fills as well. I’m able to double my money and fit more clients in! My expertise as a Nail Technician shines after 3 months with hardly any lifting, no acrylic nails missing, and as little maintenance as possible all the while maintaining my full book with the same clients for over 20 years, (give or take a few). I’m old school and have taken MANY classes, won MANY competitions and inquired my skills from many of the greatest leaders in our industry.

It is important to know, we MUST remove ANY loose acrylic and the natural nails MUST to be prepared by GENTLY sanding them. If you’re not comfortable and skilled using the drill then use a hand file, but they can do just as much damage to the natural nail as the drill; the drill is just an extension of your hand. You control where and what it will do for you. But that acrylic needs to be flush with the natural nail with NO space between the acrylic and the nail before adding any acrylic or you can have a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. After that, prime the nails and do your fill. Then shape the nails and polish to the clients liking. We need to be prepared for whatever comes our way!

Some Nail Technicians would soak the nails and put on a new set.  Me? No way. Why waste product and time, both ours and our clients? Aren’t most of our clients on the go already? Isn’t that why these walk- in salons have become so popular and are on every corner? Nail services have become more of a necessity these days than a luxury so our job is more of a challenge if you want to not only stay in the game but be successful and make $$$!

End result; $35 in 45 minutes and they were brought back to 100% integrity! This client has been my client since 1995! Her natural nails are perfectly healthy underneath. I treat her dry, cracked cuticles with a natural cuticle oil, but we know we can’t stop a cuticle picker!

We Can Help You

Our videos can help you as a Nail Technician if:

  • Your client book isn’t full
  • You’re not doing 45 minute fills,
  • You’re not doing CUSTOM Pink and Whites in 45 minutes

And the most important way we can help is if your clients have (on a regular basis):

  • LIFTING Nails
  • CRACKING Nails

We have a heart to make you More SUCCESSFUL, Make MORE MONEY, Retain your Clientele, take your skill to the NEXT Level, no matter where you are. We do Nail Art, but our #1 goal is to be a place where you can go get the help you need whatever it might be….

The Before

Lifting Overgrown Acrylic Nails - Before 1

Lifting Overgrown Acrylic Nails - Before 2


The After

Lifting Overgrown Acrylic Nails - After 1


The Video (long version)

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Nail extensions are for those who have the time to go on appointment or DIY at home. It’s better to nave natural nails without any manicure than to have overgrown extensions.

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